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, 12:00 – 14:00 |Ort: Online

INBAS Summerschool: What makes Career Guidance & Counselling a Success?

What do case studies from different countries tell us about how to design CGC for inter-cultural settings such as support the establishment of new CG services in developing countries or counselling immigrants in Germany?

We would like to discuss success factors playing a role for the successful guidance or counselling process of young people in transnational comparison. Which determinants play a role and can be identified? Do they apply universally? Are they relative and context-specific? The conference will make a statement on this at the end.

Up to 3 hours online meeting (with a short break in the middle).

  • presentation of three good practice examples from different countries
  • statements and panel discussion by researchers from Europe and beyond (India, Egypt)
  • Exchange with the audience, i.e. INBAS professional implementing a variety of national and international projects

More information:

Language: conference language is English, no translations are provided

Date: 24.9.2021 hours: 9-12h a.m. or 10-13h a.m. CET (Greek –1h, Bangalore –3,5h)
For organisational reasons we would ask that you register by Friday, 17th of Sept., 2021

Contact: Dr. Sabine Beck, INBAS GmbH, +49 69 27224 853, sabine.beck@remove-this.inbas.com

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